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Devin Stubblefield
Financial Coach/Trainer

The online coaching program that assists you in creating and implementing your own personalized debt payoff plan.

How You'll Benefit

  • You will discover how to work on getting out of debt implementing your plan in a non-stressful way
  • You will learn how to remove all unfamiliar and incorrect debt accounts from the amount you have to pay
  • You will have all you need to establish an easy to implement debt payoff method with the money you already make
  • You will become good at communicating with creditors and dealing with collection agencies if you have to
  • You will know how to improve your credit profile with specific debt payoff strategies based on your current credit scores
  • You will get answers to your specific financial questions

How About Following a Plan that Really Works?

This interactive financial coaching program will help you to follow a realistic plan to pay off your debt and improve your credit scores. You will be guided through specific activities that you can do today that will propel you forward into the reality of being out of debt.

The course also contains practical steps and inspirational content that you can work through at your own pace, designed to ease your mind from overwhelm and the pressure that often accompanies financial worry.

Training Sessions

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    Weekly Live Coaching Q & A Event Access

    Every week you can join our virtual group coaching session where you will be able to listen in while Devin provides information and solutions to others regarding their debt scenarios. You can also ask your questions to be answered live during the session as well.

  • 1

    Start Out with the Right Perspective on Your Debt Situation

    You will learn how to view your debt situation from the perspective of your specific debt solution. You will also be guided through Debt Relief Activity #1 - Reviewing Your Credit Report and Debt Relief Activity #2 - Removing Invalid Debt and Incorrect Accounts from Consideration.

  • 2

    Determine the Path to Your Debt Payoff

    You will learn three different payoff methods: The Debt Avalanche, The Debt Snowball and the Ideal Repayment Plan. Each of these methods serves a specific purpose and you will discover which one is best for you. You will also complete Debt Relief Activity #3 - Run Your Actual Numbers.

  • 3

    Important Financial Considerations

    This all-important module start off with how to deal with debt collectors. You will learn what to do and what to say when you are being harassed by aggressive collections activity. You will also review six additional popular debt reduction options from the lens of costs, impact on your credit, duration of time to complete and potential for legal action. You will complete Debt Relief Activity #4 - Confirm Your Debt Positioning.

  • 4

    How to Manage Your Debt to Improve Your Credit

    During this module you will be shown exactly what to do regarding your outstanding debt depending on what your current credit scores are. Follow the steps, your scores will rise. You will complete Debt Relief Activity #5 - Contact Your Creditors about Your Debt Payoff Plan.

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